Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogs and people

Recently I read lots about other blogs. I do not know when actually the blog stuff began and existed. But i do know many people have their own virtual space to share their own thought, life experiences and interests with other. People seem to enjoy writing and sharing about their own personal life, interest, current topics and issues. I started reading blogs when a friend of mine obsessively reading people blogs on religion and believe. She told me how blogs have had influenced her thought and viewpoint about life and believe. Yes, i did saw her changes...from outgoing and modern clothes to abaya fanatic’s person. She had changed slowly as the blogger she used to read everyday had shown her how . That is the power of blogs. It may influence you in the positive ways (trying to look at the bright sight). Blog may significantly influences your life and thoughts (umm...i think everything is really depends on you). As i surfing and read on people's blog, i found many interesting things about life, food, camera, politics even their own studies and journal.